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Building consultancy, -engineering, -permits and -renovations:

Our expertise is providing a customized solution for every building renovation. No renovation is the same and so is every client. This is exactly why you need a firm that respects your own personal wishes and provides a personal approach.

Thanks to our extensive network of experts, the entire construction process will be moving forward smoothly. From the first stage of designing and preparing to the final building completion. Whether you have plans to enlarge your home by creating an extension or the complete renovation of an apartment building.

Our approach

Sound advice starts with a good conversation, what are your wishes and what are the possibilities? And of course, our first meeting and preliminary advice are completely non-binding.

If your construction- or renovation project is not properly planned in the preliminary phase, you’ll surely run into all kinds of surprises and extra costs during actual construction.

We want to prevent this from happening using our practical knowledge and a thorough visual inspection of the existing building site. In our advice and designs we integrate all disciplines such as installation work, interior finishes and construction so that a practical and feasible plan is created, both technical and financial.

Home design and renovation

Maatwerk Bouwadvies has more than a decade of experience in developing and renovating mainly existing buildings. Designing new floor plans and making optimal use of a space is one of our many talents. Expansion of a house by creating an extension, a basement, larger balcony or roof terrace are all options to make your home even more comfortable.

We can also put you in touch with a number of interior decorators we work with. In addition to the layout, they also design the entire finish for you.

In addition to the architectural drawings, we can also offer you a 3D visualization for a competitive rate so that you get a clear visual impression of the end result.

The fairly complicated world of Dutch building permits

In many cases, a building permit is required before a renovation can take place. Since October 2010, the Dutch ‘omgevingsvergunning’ (loosely translated ‘the environmental permit’) is the appropriate legal framework. The actual building permit / building application is only one element of this legal framework. This environmental permit incorporates several permits which could be necessary for a renovation such as: a user permit (mostly for bars and café’s enforcing fire safety rules etc…), a permit to chop down trees (yes, in The Netherlands we have permits for everything), a so called monument permit (a building permit to change the exterior or interior of registered monuments) and for example a demolition notification.

In Amsterdam, it is important that the requirements set by the Commission ‘Welstand en Monumenten’ are met. In addition, specific requirements are set for (State) Monuments and protected urban landscapes. In Amsterdam you will then have to deal with BMA, the Bureau for Monuments and Archaeology.